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About Me

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by and read a few words about myself!
Instead writing a book about myself, here is a list of fun facts about yours truly:

  • I’m a very religious guy. (Reformed Presbyterian, Covenanting)
  • I’m a young, energetic, passionate nut who doesn’t sleep very much.
  • I love nearly all things creative.
  • I create websites and experiences.
  • I want to share all the knowledge I’ve received.
  • I am one of eight children.
  • I live in the Philadelphia area.
  • I love playing guitar.
  • I love getting outdoors.
  • I love working out and weightlifting.
  • I have passion for Baseball.
  • I am not very politically correct.
  • I silently pass judgment on almost all photography and design work that I see.
  • I think calligraphy is cool stuff.

Random & awkward conversations with complete strangers are sometimes the most fun you can have.
Web design, Responsive design, UX, and Photography are all things I love to talk about.

My Photography

I am a huge fan of great photography and there is hardly a thing in life I enjoy more than getting out and photographing a personable and confident individual. Photographing people of all walks of life and capturing raw emotion and beauty are to aspects of photography that I love. I just want to tell stories with beautiful pictures. I placed a small sampling of my work below.

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If you have any question, write it in a comment and we will reply . ??

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